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Ins t a l l a t i on o f Pr o c e s s ins t rument s w i th int e g r a t i on w i th the PLC. B o i l e r Pr o c e s s int e g r a t i on w i th the PLC s y s t em. R emo t e / onl ine da t a moni t o ring and r epo r t ana l y s i s s y s t em T e s t ing o f bul k l ine fl o w us ing ul t r a s oni c fl o w me t e r

Crude Oil Transportation

Our vision for growth is driven by the concept of sustainable development

Al muhit considers itself as a leader in the installation and configuration of renewable solar energy

We've provided renewable solar energy solutions Muscat, Oman

An inexhaustible resource combined with versatile, silent, efficient technologies. One of the strengths of solar energy is that it is self-generating and can be used anywhere. And its advantages will only increase in the future.
Everywhere gets sunlight
It’s very well suited to batteries & the electricity grid
The sun creates local wealth and jobs
Technological versatility
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